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Ritual Not Routine

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The Importance of Embracing Mindfulness in Skincare

I love Ayurveda because it emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, especially when it comes to beauty. Practicing self-care with mindfulness is a key aspect of Ayurveda. While it may not always be possible to completely shut out the world while applying skincare products, making a conscious effort to find a quiet moment, even if it's just a quick one, can make a significant difference. By being present in the act of taking care of yourself, skincare and self-care become enjoyable rather than a chore. This is how skincare gurus and enthusiasts are born—they find joy in the beauty rituals because they are fully present in those moments. As a result, not only do they glow on the outside, but they also radiate from within.

As a child, the thought of applying face cream was so exciting. I would imitate the big girls, sneaking into my Ammi’s (mum) skincare stash when she wasn't looking. Skincare started out as fun and thrilling, but as we grow older, it can quickly become a mundane task. We are told about the steps we need to follow and the potential acne we may face as teenagers. We begin plucking, waxing, and suddenly "beauty becomes a burden." Somewhere along the way, we lose the joy of self-care. We start believing that only a certain type of person diligently practices skincare, and we convince ourselves that we don't belong in that category. There is no joy in something that feels like a chore or a box to tick, which often leads to losing interest.

But think back to when you were a child. You relied on your guardian to wash you, brush your hair, and apply lotion. Now, as an adult, you have taken on the role of caregiver for yourself. So, what kind of parent are you to yourself? It's time to bring back the joy and mindfulness to your self-care practices. Remember that feeling of excitement and playfulness when you first started exploring skincare. Embrace that childlike curiosity and find joy in taking care of yourself. By being mindful and present in each self-care moment, you can rekindle the joy and make it a truly enjoyable experience. After all, you deserve to not only glow on the outside but also radiate happiness and contentment from within.

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