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Ritual Not Routine

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Our entire collection of carefully curated eastern holistic wellness & skincare.

Acne Prone

What are acne-prone skin symptoms?

  • whiteheads
  • blackheads
  • pimples
  • nodules — large red bumps under the skin which can be painful.

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Ayurveda Oil Rituals

Explore our hand-poured Ayurveda Oils.

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Combination Skin

What are combination skin symptoms?

  • Oily and dry spots. Those with combination skin type usually experiences oily and dry spots simultaneously
  • Larger pores on T - zone
  • Breakouts and dry patches at the same time
  • Oily skin in summer and dry in winter
  • Flaky areas on scalp

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Dry / Sensitive Skin

If skincare products easily irritate your skin and you're dealing with dryness, focus on repairing and strengthening your skin barrier.

A healthy skin barrier retains moisture and is less reactive to skincare. Refer to our blog post on how to strengthen skin barrier for more advice.

Try our Travel Size products first to test them out before investing in the full-sized versions.

Remember, any skincare should never sting, so wash off any product that causes discomfort.

Our products are fragrance-free and mostly naturally derived, but contain small amounts of beneficial essential oils. Our creams and serums also include some preservatives to ensure the efficiency and safety of your products.

Contact us at or DM us on Instagram at for guidance on selecting the right products for you. 

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Mens Skincare Bundles

Titled "Mens" but this section is for the low-maintenance soul who appreciates a"keep it simple" guide to skincare.

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